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Rosé wine  Lazio
Azienda Agricola Artico  Merlot 70%, Montepulciano 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%


Appellation: Lazio Rosato IGT
Vintage wine: 2019
Size: 0.75 l

Soil: Volcanic
Extension of the vineyard: 2 ha
Type of plant: Spurred cordon
Log density per Ha: 4,000 logs per ha
Average age of the vineyard: 20 years
Average production per ha: 65 ql/ha

Vinification and aging: The harvest is done by hand in mid-September when the Merlot grapes reach perfect ripeness while the Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are harvested in advance in order to give freshness to the wine. After harvesting, the grapes are placed in boxes; it is then taken to the cellar where it undergoes soft pressing in order to obtain color without releasing tannins. After this first phase, the static decantation takes place and subsequently the slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 15 ° C. Before being prepared for bottling, two battonage are carried out and it remains for three months on the lees.
Total sulfur: 48 mg/l
N. of bottles produced: 1,200

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“Leda” with its name is a tribute to Greek mythology and precisely to the myth of “Leda and the swan”. Leda is the name of the charming queen of Sparta, daughter of Testio, whom Zeus fell in love with so much that in order to see her he came down from heaven to join her. While Leda was sleeping on the banks of a small lake, she was awakened by the fluttering of the wings of a very white swan; around there was the scent of ragweed that stunned her and the swan with its sinuous neck lovingly caressed her face, her hair and her arms. It was Zeus who, in order to approach and seduce her, turned into a swan.

Author Suggestion

“A bottle of Leda, a raw red prawn on burrata, sitting for dinner on the port of Anzio.” Federico Artico, Winemaker


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