OUR Phylosophy

GUS 2.0 is the digital project that arises from an overview of the world of food and wine and is then summarized in three simple words “Genuine Unique Sustainable”. From an accurate work carried out inside the restaurant, with heart and soul, the project aims to excite the attentive consumer who will receive our products and sensory boxes, while learning the concept of craftsmanship and quality that our wonderful peninsula gives us.

our identity

GUS is outlined through the values ​​that distinguish Italy and its biodiversity. The good fortune of having a territory that offers us the best excellences of the planet is our starting point. The taste of Comfort food that warms you, the raw materials of the farmers with their hands full of work, the sustainability of the ecosystem through the use of non-invasive and natural farming and farming practices, the communication of their stories, of our stories for a better future. GUS means to love yourself.

our thinking

Making the consumer’s journey perceivable and unique, placing him at the center of the project, enhancing the experience of consumption, making him aware and thus educating him on ethical consumption, respecting nature and its seasons. To do this we need the most profound knowledge of the origins and products. We strongly believe that craftsmanship and not industry, quality and not quantity, knowledge and not ignorance, sustainability and not globalization, can lead us to the main goal of our choice, to improve ourselves.

our reasons

With globalization and the society of consumption, the qualities and uniqueness of local products are inevitably penalized, to protect these riches, the experience of the food product must also go beyond consumption (including quality), allowing to embrace and experience profound values and the stories behind it. This exclusive heritage offered will be the “reason why” to benefit from the Gus experience. The measures adopted for the choice of suppliers and raw materials will be very restrictive to ensure maximum respect for the philosophy of the project.