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Pinot Grigio Ramato


Coppery Wine  Friuli Venezia Giulia
Ronco Severo  Pinot Grigio 100%


Appellation: Venezia Giulia IGT
Vintage Wine: 2018
Size: 0.75 l
Certification: Bio

Soil: Ponca (mixture of stratified marl and sandstone)
Extension of the vineyard: 0.90 ha
Type of plant: Cappuccina with two overturned shoots
Log Density  per Ha: 5,800 logs per ha
Average age of the vineyard: 50 year – Old Vineyard
Average production per ha: 75 ql/ha

Vinification and aging: Manual harvest of perfectly healthy and ripe grapes in late harvest. Fermentation on the skins in conical oak vats for about a month without temperature control and without the use of selected yeasts, enzymes, etc. After the soft pressing of the grapes, the wine remains in contact with the noble lees for 23 months in 20 hl Slavonian oak barrels. It is bottled on the waning moon of August / September without the aid of filtration. The fermentation on the skins gives it the typical intense coppery color.
N. of bottles produced: 4,000

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Pinot Grigio is a gray berried grape with a slightly pigmented skin. This is why it is defined neither white nor black, but precisely pink / gray like the peel of certain onions. In order not to lose its peculiar characteristics, the wine is obtained following the classic method of red vinification, ie in contact with the skins, thus obtaining a “coppery” colored wine typical of Pinot Grigio. Defining it macerated white or orange wine is as incorrect as defining it red, we define it “coppery” much closer to the rosé family.

Author Suggestion

A vigorous and pulpy but absolutely fine wine. Fluctuating between exuberance and composure. Exciting sips. A wine to be treasured with jealousy, those wines to be shared with very few, in order to appreciate the whole taste-olfactory experience in deep intimacy. “


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