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White wine  Piemonte
Cascina degli Ulivi – Stefano Bellotti  Cortese


Vintage Wine: 2018
Size: 0.75 l

Soil: Ferrous acid red clays
Extension of the vineyard: 2.5 ha
Type of plant: GUYOT
Log density logs per Ha: 5,000 logs per ha
Average age of the vineyard: 60 years – Old Vineyard
Average production per ha: 25 ql/ha

Vinification and aging: Destemming, gentle pressing and spontaneous fermentation in 30 hl acacia barrels. Racking and aging for 18 months in the same containers.
Total sulfur: 9 mg/l – Without added sulphites
N. of bottles produced: 4,000

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“Filagnotti” is the name of a specific parcel facing South West that directly overlooks the castle of Tassarolo. It is one of the first vineyards rented by Stefano about 40 years ago and it is in this land that the first experiments in biodynamic viticulture are carried out in Italy, putting in place all the practices that could lead to producing healthy grapes and great wines in total respect. of biodiversity and soil.

Author Suggestion

“Filagnotti is an adventure emblem of simplicity, the thing that society needs most. This wine shows what true normality is, we are normal people doing normal things. And today normality seems like a revolution. ” Stefano Bellotti


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